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Mail Order Macarons

From Vanilla to Espresso and everything in between.  Take a look at our uniquely inspired delights to tempt you in every way imaginable.


Macaron Baking Mix

Craving a dozen, or two? Or want to try your own hand at these creations? Click here to order everything you need to be completely satisfied either way.


Macaron Baking Kit

We have trialed and errored so you don't have to.  Click here to try some recipes that will have your friends saying "oo la la"!

Macaron Shop
The French Biscuit


The French Biscuit ("Biscuit" translates to "cookie" in French) is locally owned and operated out of San Diego, CA.  Our bakery pays homage to the decadent style of French desserts that leave one feeling....well....very satisfied.  Using the French style method of macaron making as well as sourcing the best ingredients creates something very special--at least we like to think so.

We're constantly trying new flavors and designs to wow every guest we serve.  

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