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Who We are

Based in Encinitas, CA, The French Biscuit was born from a love of desserts and teaching.


Growing up with roots from Italy and the Southern United States, Kendra learned to cook everything from fried chicken to cannolis.  This passion for food led to starting The NibNobs Sweet Co. in 2011.  These specialty cake cake truffles were named the top gift to give for the holidays per Good Morning America and ended up on movie sets all over Hollywood.  The company eventually desolved leading to new ventures and the birth of the French Biscuit! 


Macarons were a passion (and frustration) for years until Kendra created the perfect "just add water" recipe mix.  Now, she spends time teaching others (and baking for them).  Though thousands of macarons leave our bakery, the success of the baking mix has grown to add hundreds of new macaron bakers every month!  if you haven't tried it yet, give it a go and let us know how fast your passion for eating them turns into your love for baking them.

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